Thursday, 28 November 2013

An Old Dream :)

Hola :)
I'm blog-walking today, reading others experience and thinking about my old dream.
Life is all about making mistakes and learnt from past-our-own-history. That's my philosophy. 
Day by day, I still hoping that there are an ugly little frog is waiting for my kiss to turn it into an handsome honorable Knight. 
Why a Knight and not a Prince Charming ?
I read a story not a very long years ago. I can't recall what story it is but there are a verse saying that ;

'Don't wait for your Prince Charming, because he is so lazy to leave his castle. Wait for your Knight in shining armor who will fight for you.'

Sooo sweet :)
Touching !
My obsession about my Knight continues and the latest is I name my car - Tengku Qalif - . 
Can you see the Knight's aura in my car's name ?
It is still got a Prince Charming names - Tengku - and - Qalif - make it perfect with a warrior spirit. (Suddenly Lee Byung-Hun's face is in my eyes. Korean looks is totally awesome and they are provenly a great warriors :-)
0hhhh... :) 

Okay, vamos continue with my dream.
What is my dream ?
Sound silly right ? At this age I talked about my dream. Some more it's now becoming a dream that never been true. Lets say it was an old wish.
I have a sister and she is a supplier - magazine supplier to me and the rest of her friends. She loves to read magazines and daydreaming. That's my conclusion to her obsession to be famous. 
There are a magazine called Remaja and it's still published nowadays. I love to read it and inside it there is a page called 'Diari Perantau' (if I'm not mistaken) where its addressed the experience of studying in oversea. 
My very first and inspiring reading is about a man who studying in Glasgow University, Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Still until today, his pictures - university pictures, his room that full with his final year projects , his bicycle that he used to go to every where and his graduation pictures; he took a photo holding a scroll on his hand in front of his old and historic university building - were still remains in my mind.
At that moment, I was 14 years old. 
But Tuhan telah menentukannya. I failed in my early obstacles to build up my life and career and there is no turning back !
Sesungguhnya aku terpaksa redha T____________T
Today, I worked in a school and every year we sent students abroad especially to Middle East countries because I worked in a sekolah menengah agama. When ever I got news from my friends or relatives who go to abroad either to work or to further their studies, my heart's jumping.
Bilakah masa untuk diriku ?
My ambitious to further my studies to overseas never been deleted from my wish list. 
I hope one fine day, Allah will fulfill my prayers. 

Thanks for reading :)

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