Thursday, 28 November 2013

An Old Dream :)

Hola :)
I'm blog-walking today, reading others experience and thinking about my old dream.
Life is all about making mistakes and learnt from past-our-own-history. That's my philosophy. 
Day by day, I still hoping that there are an ugly little frog is waiting for my kiss to turn it into an handsome honorable Knight. 
Why a Knight and not a Prince Charming ?
I read a story not a very long years ago. I can't recall what story it is but there are a verse saying that ;

'Don't wait for your Prince Charming, because he is so lazy to leave his castle. Wait for your Knight in shining armor who will fight for you.'

Sooo sweet :)
Touching !
My obsession about my Knight continues and the latest is I name my car - Tengku Qalif - . 
Can you see the Knight's aura in my car's name ?
It is still got a Prince Charming names - Tengku - and - Qalif - make it perfect with a warrior spirit. (Suddenly Lee Byung-Hun's face is in my eyes. Korean looks is totally awesome and they are provenly a great warriors :-)
0hhhh... :) 

Okay, vamos continue with my dream.
What is my dream ?
Sound silly right ? At this age I talked about my dream. Some more it's now becoming a dream that never been true. Lets say it was an old wish.
I have a sister and she is a supplier - magazine supplier to me and the rest of her friends. She loves to read magazines and daydreaming. That's my conclusion to her obsession to be famous. 
There are a magazine called Remaja and it's still published nowadays. I love to read it and inside it there is a page called 'Diari Perantau' (if I'm not mistaken) where its addressed the experience of studying in oversea. 
My very first and inspiring reading is about a man who studying in Glasgow University, Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Still until today, his pictures - university pictures, his room that full with his final year projects , his bicycle that he used to go to every where and his graduation pictures; he took a photo holding a scroll on his hand in front of his old and historic university building - were still remains in my mind.
At that moment, I was 14 years old. 
But Tuhan telah menentukannya. I failed in my early obstacles to build up my life and career and there is no turning back !
Sesungguhnya aku terpaksa redha T____________T
Today, I worked in a school and every year we sent students abroad especially to Middle East countries because I worked in a sekolah menengah agama. When ever I got news from my friends or relatives who go to abroad either to work or to further their studies, my heart's jumping.
Bilakah masa untuk diriku ?
My ambitious to further my studies to overseas never been deleted from my wish list. 
I hope one fine day, Allah will fulfill my prayers. 

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

On His Graduation Day :)

Ana, Muhammad Habiel bin Abdul Mutalib.
Ana berumur lima tahun.
Gambar ini diambil semasa hari graduasi ana :)
Ahsan =_=

Tik Tok Tik Tok 
Sekejap saja matahari berputar di atas paksinya.
Setahun berlalu dan seangka lagi berganjak usianya ...
Doa mama agar Muhammad Habiel berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat. Semoga Muhammad Habiel menjadi anak yang soleh dan menghormati kami semua. 
Mama sayangkan Habiel sepenuh jiwa dan raga.
Terima kasih Ya Rob kerana mengurniakan aku satu-satunya zuriat :)


Mereka Merdeka !
Total of student bagi PASTI At-Taqwa is 8 pupils.
Lagi 3 orang tak datang lagi time. Sikit tapi satisfied sbb Ustazah boleh bg full attention kpd semua students-nya. Terima kasih Ustazah :)

Muhammad Habiel dgn gaya seekor harimau :P

Her name is Huda. Mascot untuk PASTI .


eh eh mana gambar jubah konvo ???
Hehehehe ...
Memang takde sebab Muhammad Habiel baru umur 5 tahun. Umur 6 tahun baru pakai jubah T_________T
Tapi sekali lagi Habiel buat spoil. Dia menangis masa nak naik pentas. Lastly, Ustazah dia jugak yang kena naik untuk ambik hadiah.
Alasan yg dia bagi "Abang takot depa suruh abang baca surah. Abang tak reti" katanya dalam sedu sedan :(
Nak buat mcm mana anak oii dah begitu takdirnya. 
Mama redha saje.

Thanks for reading :)